The Cascavel Chronicles


Released originally in Brazil in 2015, The Cascavel Chronicles is an explosive and nostalgic love letter to old action movies.

The book tells the story of Valter Torres, the owner of a run-down video shop in Sao Paulo that decides to fight against crime after being repeatedly robbed – culminating in the tragic death of his pet turtle, Charles Bronson. Valter does not have any superpowers or a millionaire’s budget like other heroes. He has, however, something better.

Valter Torres watched every 1980’s action movie ever made.

He learned Van Damme’s exalted kickboxing, Stallone’s tireless pugilism, the precise aikido of Steven Seagal. He learned to blow shit up like Schwarzenneger, to kick asses like Chuck Norris, Chow Yun-fat’s ambidextrous shooting skills, to crack one-liners like Bruce Willis. And Sao Paulo’s criminals learn to fear the sounds of rattles in the night.

But strange rumors appear in the underworld. Rumors of the coming of a different breed of crime lord. A leader that some believe to have supernatural powers. A leader who some claim to be the god of crime incarnate. He is an evil that gains more power and followers every day. An evil only one man can face.

His name in the lawless streets become Cascavel.

And these are his chronicles.