News: Immaculate Conception Press Release

The Immaculate Conception press release has been – wait for it… – released! Check it below.

Also, the book will be free for this first week at Smashwords, using coupon code BQ88R. Be sure to grab it!


Brazilian writer imagines a sci fi and noir setting where the rich nations of today become the war-thorn refugees of tomorrow in the Immaculate Conception ebook.

Sao Paulo, November 3, 2015 – Brazilian writer and journalist Guilherme Solari is releasing his first title in English, Immaculate Conception, an ebook set in a future after a nuclear war ravaged the Northern Hemisphere. Millions of American and European refugees flood into Megasampa, the urban sprawl formed by the combined metropolitan areas of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The refugees gather in the Novo Bronx ghetto, a place of vice, death and hardship, but also of regular people trying to rebuild their lives.

“We live in times of great fear and uncertainty, and that fear most often than not is directed towards refugees, a lot of them come from Haiti, Africa and the Middle East to my city of Sao Paulo,” said Solari. “The best way to make someone feel empathy towards another is to put them in the other’s shoes. I tried to do that in the Immaculate Conception, and, at the same time, write a fun, pulp, noir, cyberpunk story.”

In Immaculate Conception, the first book in the author’s Cybersampa series, unrest grows in Novo Bronx as a series of macabre murders strike fear into the heart of the populace. Killings that are attributed to a creature the locals are calling Bebê Diabo, the Devil Baby. The Proctech private police quells the rebellion for the time being, but the gruesome deaths are unlike anything they have ever encountered. Reluctantly, they call out of retirement a man called Cascavel, the only detective insane enough to solve an insane case.

The Cybersampa series is set in a possible future of disastrous climate change, constant cancer and radiation, overpopulation, mysticism, corporations running rampart, omnipresent social media, indigenous traditions rebirth, privatized government and religious zealotry. “What I like most about cyberpunk subgenre is that it is at the same time a glimpse at the future and a look at problems we have for millennia, and probably will have forever,” said Solari.

The Immaculate Conception ebook has a comic book inspired cover designed by Brazilian artist Bruno Dinelli. For a limited time (Tuesday, November 3 through Sunday, November 8) the Immaculate Conception ebook, normally priced at $1.99, will be available to the public as a free download at Smashwords at using coupon code BQ88R.

About the author – Guilherme Solari is a journalist and writer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has written about movies, literature and videogames for some of Brazil’s biggest news sites, like UOL and Folha de S.Paulo. Solari is the author of The Cascavel Chronicles, a prequel to Cybersampa and a love letter to old action movies. The book, released in Brazil in 2015, follows the owner of a run-down video shop that decides to fight crime. His only “superpower”? He watched every single 80’s action movie ever made. He is also the co-writer of the play Fogo, which was presented in Sao Paulo in 2010. His short story Egofobia was published in the Portuguese edition of The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases, alongside the works of authors like Neil Gaiman, China Miéville and Alan Moore.

Email: guilherme.solari at gmail dot com

Guilherme Solari is a Brazilian writer and journalist from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has written about movies, literature and videogames for some of Brazil’s biggest news sites. He is the author of THE CASCAVEL CHRONICLES, a love letter to 80's action movies, as well as the cyberpunk CYBERSAMPA series.